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Donna ping North carolina

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:44 pm
by nalboned
I know my granddaddy was John L ping, my Daddy was Thomas T Ping. But that's all I know can you help.

Re: Donna ping North carolina

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:44 pm
by jmraney
The given names John and Thomas were quite common in the Ping family for males, unfortunately. What would be helpful here is the name of someone who would have been living in 1940 (the most recent year for which census data is publicly available), along with some approximate dates and (especially) places. I have a considerable amount of information on the family, but the nature of information available to genealogists is such that the longer ago someone was born, the easier it is to find information on them (living individuals are VERY hard to find information on!).

Edit: I found your father's listing on Find A Grave ( ... odore-ping). Per his obituary as well as North Carolina birth records, his father was Leonard Ray Ping. The 1940 Census isn't as helpful as I thought it might be. What we have is:

Colerain Township, Bertie County, North Carolina
PIERCE G T M 70 Head widowed North Carolina
" Nell F 34 Dau single North Carolina
PING Berneice F 9 GDau single North Carolina
" Thomas M 8 GSon single North Carolina
" Lenard M 6 GSon single North Carolina
" Armelia F 3 GDau single North Carolina

Re: Donna ping North carolina

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:02 am
by jmraney
This took a little work, but I have you worked into the tree:
John Ping (1740-1823) & Lydia Bradley
- Robert O Ping (1785-1858) & Jemima Smith
-- William Ping (1808-1867) & Elizabeth Reid
--- Thomas B Ping (1831-1882) & Mary E Keefe
---- Thomas Andrew Ping (1862-1903) & Laura Alice Bright
----- Frank Terry Ping (1889-?) & Lottie Myrtle Dowers
------ Leonard Ping (1909-?) & Nell Pierce
------- Thomas Theodore Ping (1931-2013) & Annie Jean Ward
-------- Donna Ping

Oddly enough, you're the second "Donna Ping" we have on the site, out of a total of six in the country that I know of. :D
There aren't a lot of John Ping's descendants in North Carolina, for some reason; I'm only aware of one other family group
in the state that fits in the Ping family tree.